Tuesday, May 27, 2008

garden pics

first squash
cherry pie fixins'
asparagus after all
bell pepper contemplation


Kristin said...

so beautiful! Sounds like you have a full garden. That is great.

almostgotit said...

Gorgeous! I'll be right over with my fry pan and pie plate!

truevyne said...

Seriously, Almost. I'd love to see ya.

And thanks Kristen. Your post made me want to take pics.

Anonymous said...

I'll be over with my plate too!
Love ya!
Auntie S

truevyne said...

Love you too, Auntie S.

Kat said...

That literally made my mouth water!

Mary said...

I love the asparagus picture - boy does that take me back - when I was a kid growing up in VA we used to pick it wild along our road and it was the only veggie I would eat...love your photos - beautiful

~m2~ said...

lovely vyne girl, i spend a few moments here and am refreshed to the point of wanting to start (again) (in earnest) my own garden.

perhaps i may?

those cherries look too good to be true and home-grown asparagus? is that heaven?


truevyne said...

Thanks for visitin'.
always nice to have you drop bye, friend.