Saturday, May 24, 2008


Just saw Prince Caspian with ze boyz, and I must say I expected something else.

I loved the first Narnia film. Mr. Tumnus and Lucy superseded my expectations of how well actors could capture the intent of a gifted storyteller. Not to mention the fact that I could have eaten their clever cuteness with a spoon. The White Witch clinched perfection of the most beautiful, convincing and enticing villian ever on screen. Aslan exhibited majesty beyond words.

Nothing of this movie struck me in such a way. My thought is that Prince Caspian was simply adequate. No colorful ticker tape parade or cause to bake a heavily frosted cake. In fact, the hints of disingenuous attitudes of the children clashed with the characters found in Lewis' book.

I do hope you go see the movie for yourself. Perhaps you won't be disappointed as I am.


almostgotit said...

I liked it!

All the best bits of dialogue from the book were here. But the terrible cost of Peter's pride may have been too strong for the big screen (though not for me, as an adult.) The scene of defeat was truly terrible, as is the unanswered question hanging over all of Narnia of where Aslan had been for the past 1300 years. And I think the "not quite what we expected" help that finally arrived in the form of four children, and flawed, ambivalent children at that, is fairly gorgeous. (means there's still hope *I* can be of some use somewhere, too!!)

And then, dearest dearest Lucy... the most faithful of all, even she had to ask whether, had she followed Aslan to begin with, any of the subsequent tragedies could have been prevented. And Aslan doesn't ANSWER that question, just tells her what NOW will be done.

And REEPACHEEP! How I love him. But I DID think he should have looked a little bit more like the drawings in the book...

truevyne said...

Reepacheep and Lucy- you got me there...

Rob Scott said...

Funny, my first impression was the opposite. While I enjoyed the first film, it felt painted-by-the-numbers. Perhaps (in my mind) it suffered from comparison to the recent Lord of the Rings trilogy. Perhaps I was also too familiar with the material and was underwhelmed by the way it was put on screen.

Prince Caspian, however, pulled me in from the start. I found Peter's travels through frustration, pride, failure and then guilt to be convincing. Though he was often quiet, Edmund was now centered and solid.

I liked Reepacheep: his character could have been overdone, but it was just right. As odd as it seems, I was actually feeling sorry for the enemy, being terrorized by such an unexpected foe.

At the same time, I agree with much of the criticism of the movie that I read elsewhere. I cannot always explain why I like a movie; sometimes it's a very deep, emotional thing that defies words to explain it.