Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm decluttering, and I ran across the quote I remembered liking so very much concerning ministry to the least of these.

Ministry with these, the most broken of our society, often become a ministry of waiting, of endless patience, offering help again and again, and knowing that only the victim can make the transformation.

Through this profound growth into the meaning of ministry, we also experience a reshaping of the being and the nature of God. Gone is the wrathful, judgmental God who supports the hypocrisy of society towards its victims, especially sexually abused women,. And gone is the God who infantilizes us, does everything for us, and makes us dependent on forces outside ourselves.

The God that the quality of divine love and power...This is a God whose power does not compete with our own best energies, but who enters into our best energies to enable our fullness of life...”

God of the Forest I Hear a Seed Growing God of the Streets

Edwina Gateley

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Kristin said...

I really like that quote...