Thursday, February 05, 2009

Here's Peace on the new and very cool couch in his room. He's coughing his guts out and sick, but he looks comfortable, right?
The couch folds out into a lounge chair, two lounge chairs, and the back also folds down like a lawn chair to make a bed. Little feet can be pulled out from zippered slots on the cushion for the lounge chair positions. My mom asked it it was a futon or a fold out couch. Buck explained to her that it is a hybrid couch. Aren't we green now?

On the opposite side of the room from where Peace is resting is the new bedroom suit we snatched up on Sunday from someone locally on Craig's list. Love that site! The seller said she's just posted it before I emailed her. Good thing I did, because by the time my husband went to look at it, she'd had three more calls. He bought it on the spot, because she was selling it for such a great price. She's an older woman getting married and consolidating households. This set had been in her guest room.

Last week, this room contained raggedly nasty berber carpet, school shelves, school table, a partition and Peace's worldly belongings. Homeschool supplies have now become part of the kitchen. It's a little crammed, but it's going to work. The kids and I removed an outdated wallpaper border from Peace's room- tedious. I patched and scrubbed to prepare for the entire family to paint together. Buck installed the beautiful floor.

Anyhow, Peace now has a room he can comfortably share with our guests. So, we are waiting for your call if you ever need a place to stay in Tennessee.

The rest of the house in recovery mode. All Peace's stuff has been strewn throughout the kitchen, living room and halls. There's nothing like a mess to create a dumping ground for other mess. The children have been playing in the snow and chucked their gear everywhere- boots here, gloves there, coats over shelves, hats hanging from lamps. You get the picture. I've gathered it all and am in the midst of mountains of laundry. All I really want to do is take the book I'm reading and go and hang out with Peace in his lovely space. Sigh...

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