Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Vyne clan has whooping cough. Seriously. Buck dragged all four sick children and himself to the clinic after several days of hacking and fevers. I have evaded the worst of it with a little cold. The blight hit Tater first while we were finishing up Wise One's room. Pooh Bear contracted it last spiking her normal terrifying fever of 104.3. I've been handing out tylenol like candy. Buck got a mild form of it the evening he finished the flooring in Wise One's room, but he's muddled through with a tough guy's grace.

Here's what I'm up to today:

I'm preparing for a Still Waters session (something of an afternoon retreat) for a little coffee house church as an introduction to Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. The church is seriously considering allowing me to continue my research on children's spiritual development with them. My work with children has been on hold since the evening service and my class, "The Well of the Good Shepherd" at my home church was canceled and new leadership took over the children's department. Though the new staff are great people, they don't understand why I can't just jump on board with their curriculum. I couldn't teach from a coloring sheet of cartoon Jesus to save my very own life though I honor and respect those who do. I am cut from a different cloth in which I prepare a rich and succulent feast for a community and step out of the way to allow God and the participants to enjoy one another. I'm always looking for ways out of lecture and into experiential methods of teaching.

I'm also working on materials to send to an upcoming women's retreat for my church which I won't attend.

Hope your Sunday is blessed and full of rest and refreshing.

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