Sunday, February 01, 2009

So what did you do Super Bowl Sunday?

I woke up with a bee buzzing in my bonnet about getting my children back on track in terms of contributing to our household. It seems they only have time for the things for which they want to do. Movies, games, books, legos, dolls, Facebook, itunes. You get the picture. The rules 'round here require tidy rooms before use of media, yet not one child's room comes close to orderly. And I've seen plenty of movie watching and computer time.

Also, they have been bucking bedtime and sleeping in. I begged Buck to help rally the troops, and he and I tried. The proof will be in the pudding.

Today all the boys helped me (without one complaint) scrape an annoying wallpaper border in preparation for a much needed fresh coat of paint in Wise One's room. You see, we've decided to make Wise One's room a teenage hang-out/guest room instead of part homeschool part sliver of a bedroom for Wise. He needs more space, all the kids need another place to go with friends. It's not something I like to do on Sunday at all, but we have a very short time to paint before Buck must quickly get to installing the floor. If you want to feel great about the state of your house, come visit us. We have books, boxes and furniture strewn in all rooms. There's wallpaper shreds everywhere as well. It's not easy losing the homeschool room, and we've got to find another place to house my addictions- books.

Pooh Bear took on an animal chore as well. She's our official morning chicken scratcher. Buck gave her lessons on filling the bucket and whizzing the corn chunks
across the back yard.

Wish us luck on the makeover. We've got our work cut out for us this week.

Oh, we did catch the Superbowl and that 100 yard touchdown. However, I had to sneak off for Sense and Sensibility on PBS at 9. Love that Jane Austin.

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