Thursday, July 07, 2005

Chocolate Love

I definately have a thing for chocolate. Last night, I decided chocolate chip cookies were in order since my dh and oldest son have deserted the rest of us for boyscout camp. I get all the ingredients out and realize, alas, no chocolate chips. This is impossible since chocolate chips are to have on hand as much as eggs, milk, and flour. We always have those because we have chickens, goats, and buckets of wheat for grinding. If there was an animal or grain that produced chocolate chips, I'd keep it on hand. Since there is no such beast, Wal-mart will have to provide. I buy bags at a time.
I got desparate and I poured over the cabinets with a fine tooth comb for that hidden stash. None were to be found. Would this stop me? NO! I decided the Hershey's bars left over from our cookout for s'mores were to be raided. Surprisingly (or not) the cookies were great with hunks of Hershey's bar inside.
This leads me to the quote I decided may be next personal motto:
"I thought about giving up chocolate. But then I realized, HEY, I'm no quitter!"

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SmileDragon said...

That's great, I have to tell my hubby that one!