Monday, July 04, 2005

July 4,1005

Here are some things I did today: 1. Wished I wasn't such a nag with my family out loud with my husband. 2. Ate weird food 3. Went to the gym and talked about apple turnovers while I did ab crunches 4. Read a little for myself 5. Read several picture books with my little girl 6. Watched fireworks on tv with my children (sad, but we'd went to some in the park Saturday night). 7. Took a really hot bath to relax while my four year old talked my ear off (oh, well) 8. Watered and harvested from my garden 8. Talked serious friend stuff with Tami 9. Thought about moving to China 10. Looked at blogs- I need recommendations of some interesting ones to follow 11. Got a call from a neighbor looking for his dog who is dreadfully scared of fireworks Maybe tommorrow will be more interesting than today.

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