Friday, July 08, 2005

Organinzing my thoughts

Things I've accomplished before 10 am this morning.
1. Fed, watered, mineraled, and milked goats
2. Fed, watered chickens
3. Picked and weeded a bit in my jungle of a garden
4. Collected eggs from crazy places (argh)
5. Tidied up garage
6. Started Laundry

Still to do:
1. Attend workshops at a conference today
2. Make breakfast for the little guys
3. Freeze peppers I just picked
4. Work out
5. Record swim team times
6. Read some of a book for Tuesday book club and figure out my theology QUICK
7. Tutor my children
8. Study
9. Think of something really fun to do tonight with the fam

What I'd like to do but won't:
1. Go to a bed and breakfast with my dh for the night.
2. Hop on a plane and take fresh bread and cookies to people in London who have lost loved ones.


SmileDragon said...

You are very organzed. I never get things done the way I plan. They all just end up jumbled together, and a few are always forgotten.

truevyne said...

Just have 4 children and you'll be amazed at how organized and unorganized you can be all at once.