Friday, July 01, 2005

July 1, 2005

This morning I woke up thinking of all the things I might do today. I decided to blog a little to clarify my thoughts. I have four children and a dear husband, so I have many obligations each day. Today I have the laundry list of sundries like watering the garden, making sure the children are fed, and getting our house and yard ready for a cook out tommorrow, pick and weed a bit in my garden, checking my son's boyscout packing list for camp next week, going for my workout, and borrowing time somewhere in there to do things I really want to do like study for an upcoming course and pick flowers to put all over my house and porch for tommorrow. I have enough zinnias growing to outfit a wedding.
My garden is usually my favorite spot in the summer. However, the zuchinnis, tomatoes and zinnias have gotten so gigantic at the entrance, the path is not as inviting as usual...and I got stung yesterday on the foot when I was out there.
Last year was my very first year to begin a garden, and I decided a regular row garden just would not do. I had in my mind's eye, a Peter Rabbit garden straight out of Beatrix Potter books. When I was discussing the fence to keep out the univited creatures with my husband, he dared to mention we already had t-posts (ugly green metal) and field fencing (not so pretty wire). I invited him to look with a more artisitic eye at fences and gardens the next few days. He found nice carved posts and wooden boards which we filled in with an acceptable wire. I went on to him about a focus point for the middle of garden, so he took me to a garden store to find a trellis, some clematis flowers, and a lovely little statue to mind my plants and flowers. Today, she's a bit hard to find among the towering zinnias, nastursiums, and snap dragons.

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SmileDragon said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I never imagined anyone would call it inspirational, but thank you! You really have a hectic life, 4 children and a husband. Wow, I commend you for making it through each day!