Wednesday, November 30, 2005

So much to do

When my husband dragged the box of Christmas decorations from the attic, my children found a leftover bag of craft items we used last year to decorate gift bags. Chaos ensued as I was unaware of the discovery. By the time I made my way into my kitchen gingerbreadmen and stockings alike were strewn across the kitchen counter and floor with googly craft eyes and rick rack glued in absurd sundry locations.
"Wow, you guys are hard at work. You must be ready to make presents for Christmas already. Let's get this stuff back in the bag and save the supplies for our Santa's workshop." The children's creative energy and desire to tackle our Christmas work
was wildly unleashed before I could say "Hello, Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?" or "The elves eat from the four basic food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup."

So, I snatched up my elf hat and dashed to my computer for ideas. Not long into the overwhelming online search, I stumbled onto the website. For the first time in my life, I realized I could choose projects and go to a single store (Hallelujah!) and buy everything I needed in one fell swoop(Amen!).

Does anyone else have a bedroom lounge chair heavy laden with art supplies and a homeschool table spilling over to the floor with Christmas crafts yet? That' what makes up Santa's Workshop around here at True Vyne School of Nature. Our relatives are so very generous to me, my husband and my children, and in return I want these precious people who love us so well, something made from our hearts.

This is not an easy task with the mix of temperaments and skill levels of my children. Last year, I took them to a homeschool enrichment teacher's (Penelope's) and they made crafts she choose in one day. The presents made there were dear and handmade, but I want the children to spend more time on fewer things. It's a precarious thing to guide children through this process. Some of my children just "want to get it done fast" while others want to keep going for hours. Some of my guys are thoughtful about each jot and tiddle while others want to blob and pour out the glitter glue everywhere. In this process have to balance carefully on the precarious tightrope of quality verses a child's own ideas and work. I somehow managed to effectively squash my oldest son's genius and creativity when I told Peace, "Stick figures were definitely 'out' at Santa's Workshop this year". He also painted a cheery white snowflake GOTH BLACK. I hope Grandma shines her best patient smile when she opens up that treasure. And I had to very HARD to engage Peace in the art again after giving my unwanted critiques.

So, what fantastic things are you making or giving for Christmas?

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Running2Ks said...

We like to make ornaments. Also, I really want to tackle making a chocolate candy house. I think it would be a lot of fun. Plus I bake and give to friends and neighbors--a lot.

I love your Santa's workshop!