Sunday, July 02, 2006

Does anyone else out there drive their husband crazy in this ever so annoying way?

Often, I take out my eye contacts rendering myself blind as a proverbial bat. Only I don't have have sonar waves to help me locate my misplaced spectacles. I run my Helen Keller hands smoothly over the bookstacked nightstand, paper covered computer desk, sink, cosmetic littered vanity, the tile side of the garden bathtub, the dusty dresser, and then affectionately yell to my sweetheart,

"Honey, can you help me find my eye glasses?"


unquenchableworshipper said...

yes dear...

Scott said...

lol - I have a wife with the same problem.

Now if you'd just put your glasses in the same spot each time . . . Or have you heard that one before?

One more thing, the other is the remote controls, that need little beepers on them like my cordless phone.

truevyne said...

I have heard the "same spot" advice before. I'm just not always in that same spot everytime I take them off.grin
And my children constantly loose the remote, so a beeper would be excellent. There's your way to fortune and fame.