Monday, July 03, 2006

To run or not to run

All morning I've sponsored an ongoing dialogue in my head, "Should I run my miles today at the gym?" I may have the edge of a headache, or maybe it's just an excuse. I also feel like someone pulled the drain plug on my heel and let all the fantastic energy flow out, leaving me with just barely enough energy to lie on the couch all day and read my fabulous new book, Devil in the White City. This book is hard to put down, and I stayed up too late reading last night. Or maybe I'm all worn out from all the banana pudding, creamed corn, asian salad, snow cones, and burgers from the two consequetive holiday picnics. Yes, I should run.

Last week I mentioned preparing for a sponsored 5K race with my gym buddy, Cecily, because our gym schedules have diverged completely of late. She's a 6:00 am workout, and I've fallen into a much more sleep friendly schedule of arriving after 9:00 am or later in the afternoon. So, I really ought to run considering I've issued a training invitation.

My dear friend Helen is completely unavailable for a fitness pep talk as she's on a family vacation in Europe. She said I could call on her cell, but I bet she's sipping wine by a perfectly blue pool of water by her vine covered Italian villa. I had to work hard to suppress a green monster jealous eye roll when I typed that last sentence. My whining just might not fit her mood today.

I'm going to have to put my running shoes on my lazy feet, set my ipod on shuffle and hope for the best.

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