Tuesday, August 15, 2006

School woes

My oldest son Peace is wrestling with the whole "school is boring" thing. And it's not because he has a huge load of work. His co-op doesn't start till next week, so I've given him a little writing, dictation, a few problems of math, a simple assignment to help his sister, and a science or history diddy due every day until he begins his courses.

I do not remember ever even thinking, "Why do I have to do schoolwork?" or "Algebra and writing are useless." I just went to school and did the best I could in every single subject. Everyday.

So what do I do with an apathetic seventh grader? We attended orientation at the co-op last night, and I watched in horror as the teachers went over their expectations while he played with the lead in his mechanical pencil. Good night! Not a great start.

This is my child who attended a public magnet school in kindergarten and first grade. He intimately knows the tedium of school and begged me to never send him back- Peace wanted to be outside in the spring, not stuck at a desk, same as me. So a one day a week co-op with four days of assignments to follow seems like a good compromise for this year. I spent the last few years stalking him during homeschool to keep him on task which made me feel like some kind of academic ogre. Now I've enlisted the help of four other monsters to take over torturing the boy.

I worry I won't find the fine balance between supporting him and doing for him in order that he'll make the grade. Grades for him have been in my hands for the last five years, and I simply had him do his work until it was correct. Now I have other teachers in the mix who'll evaluate.

I suppose transition is always an unfamiliar and therefore a somewhat uncomfortable place. I'm in that awkward place as a mom and feel the chaffing rub. God help me get things right with this son.

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