Saturday, April 21, 2007

How Does Truevyne's Garden Grow?

Seeds planted today:
Honey and cream corn
Snap Dragons
a few sunflowers
wildflower mix
yellow squash
pole beans
gourmet bush beans

I know, I know it's heavy on flowers, but what's a garden without beauty?

plants planted from dear Hauna:
5 tomato
1 pepper

Only three of my sugar snap pea vines made it through the Big Chill, but the chives have a lovely happy bloom. And I have three little asparagus ready to be eaten which I forgot to bring in today. I'm mourning what I think may be the loss of my most favorite lavendar from a fancy greenhouse, but the lavendar plants I began a few years ago look perky. All traces of volunteer Zinnias died in the frost, but there is good news. The frost also killed the beginnings of volunteer Morning Glories,glorious yet completely invasive, which eventually overtake my unkempt garden by August. I guess I'll have to pick up more zinnia and sunflower seeds and tray of tomatoes, basil, and sweet peppers. We especially cannot have summer without a thousand Zinnias at Truevyne Farm.


almostgotit said...

I'm so jealous! I only managed beans, squash, and cucumbers. (My spinach is already up! And I cheated with flowers. I needed some RIGHT NOW and couldn't wait.)

I love love love zinnias, but whenever I've planted them, they took until October to bloom. What's your secret??

truevyne said...

Sun, sun, and more sun is my ancient Chinese zinnia secret.