Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I attended a gathering today where a friend of mine, Chris, spoke. He's a powerful orator and inspirational man. He mentioned this painting "Christ Enters Brussels" as a favorite. Chris told us the painting was controversial and shunned in it's day(1889), because Christ was not depicted as a the leader with followers coming behind. Instead, Jesus' image is hard to find in the midst, the center, of the chaotic crowd. Chris compared the work of Christ as spiritual director as something much more closely related to this painting, walking beside people, than artwork which shows Christ out front. This is a match to my pedagogy as well. God became flesh in Christ and made a dwelling place among us. Reachable. Personal. Close. Touchable. Knowable. It's astounding that Christ would call us friends.


almostgotit said...

Is this the same Chris who sent out the wonderful email today about the world-famous violin player in the middle of the Washington D.C. subway station? By gosh, if you don't blog about that wonderful story, I'm gonna have to. Or maybe we both should?

truevyne said...

Yes, same one. You blog the violin story, and I'll read.