Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Panic. I just realized Tater is taking his final assessment in language arts for the year this afternoon, and I'm not prepared for summer. Otherwise, in the morning he'll wake up with absolutely nothing to do but fight with his brothers and sisters!

Not. Good.

Honestly, I am so over homeschooling that I'll embrace the break like a black bear hugs a dripping honey tree. I'm sick of cracking the academic whips over children as they whine, "I don't want to do math today. Why do I have learn about fractions anyway?" I have never acquired any brilliant answers to inspire my progeny toward scholarship except for the standard, "You don't want to raise your family on a minimum wage job now do you?" My motivational speech generally yields absolutely no effect, because my children honestly believe $5.25 an hour is an absolute fortune.

I'm scrambling to make summer charts of chores and enrichment for each child. The chart will give Tater a gauntlet to run and list a few things to accomplish before he starts irritating Peace to pieces, getting Wise One to cry, and clashing like Titans with Pooh Bear.


Thicket Dweller said...

You are going to explain the photo. Right?

truevyne said...

That's just one simple example of Tater with too much free time on his hands. In the fall, he asked Buck to cut his hair, and Tater went outside with the clippers. He didn't wait for Buck and decided to cut a stip down the middle of his fro with no guard whatsoever...