Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yawn Post

I intended to write something meaningful today, but here's what I did instead:
watered the garden
tended my new flowers
made muffins
scrubbed floors
scrubbed bathrooms
cooked lunch
scrubbed the kitchen
weeded through heaps of clothing for my children (winter clothes away, spring duds out)
worked on a Shepherd's Call with Jo
talked to a dear friend
10 loads of laundry
cooked dinner
sorted seeds
decluttered but not as much as I'd hoped
discovered two leaks
washed the shower curtain
listened to a whippoorwill with my boys

On the subject of decluttering- I've been thinking hard about how I could let go of some of my books. This is extremely difficult as I'm an addict. I have at least 10 bookshelves scattered throughout the house except the bathrooms. I have baskets for books in the bathrooms. I know, if I tried very hard, I could alleviate one entire bookshelf and earn some used book credit to boot. However, the thought of which ones to part with overwhelms me. Wouldn't that be like giving up children? Should I hire a therapist to help me sort through the shelves? I'm afraid it's hopeless.


Gabrielle said...

Did you really do all that in one day? Yikes. I would have been proud of myself if I'd managed two or three things on your list.

We did a big clean-out of books a couple of years ago, because there was a big drive on to get some school libraries started in northern Canada in areas where the children had no books whatsoever. That was a major motivation.

truevyne said...

Gab, I don't have energy like that everyday, so I had to seize the moment. And good for you donating to the library.

Kat said...

I have people bring big boxes of books to my library...I'm talking old, ratty, outdated stuff... and they say, "I KNOW these need to be thrown away, but I just can't do it. If I leave them here, can you do it for me?" That way they can pretend they donated them to the library, a harmless bit of self-delusion! So you're not the only one! I can sort and discard worn library books all day, but the idea of doing it to MY books just gives me cold chills.

Anonymous said...

I am now at a point in my life where I prefer to be told what to do.. so I have Kelly from send me a daily mission. So far, it's working for me and I have little mini-cleanings and declutter moments every day.. I know, I know, it doesn't address the book issue. You'll figure that out though....
btw.. I'm anon today.. can't remember my password.. love -sista

Alison said...

Goodness...I have never accomplished that much in a single day in my entire life! Now to go contemplate my utter laziness, therefore putting off even more of the things I should be doing. Thanks Pam! ~Love, Alison