Monday, August 13, 2007

Buck woke the children in the middle of the night, one by one, to watch the meteor showers last night. Each had a chance to share a falling star with their daddy. I have poor night vision, and though I laid alone for quite some time on the sidewalk, still warm from the sweltering noon temperatures yesterday, I couldn't see more than the beauty of a star speckled night sky.


Tressa said...

My father in law is a big "star-gazer" and he was so excited about the shower. It was beautiful, it makes me think about how little I am, and how BIG God is!!

truevyne said...

Love that Tressa.

unquenchableworshipper said...

Wise One said the same thing, well sort of.. "Looking at the stars makes me feel like a shrimp"..
It was a good jumping point to talk about how he knows every star by name, and yet knows every hair on our heads. "he doesn't have much to worry about on you dad" was what I thought I heard.