Monday, August 13, 2007

What exactly is in that basket anyway?

A snippet of Pooh Bear's homeschool day...
We read The Brother's Grimm Little Red Riding Hood together. Afterward, she skipped off to make popsicle stick puppets to reinact the story. Pooh prompted me to meet her in the bathroom (?!) for the fabulous show. She thought the tub provided a secret place for her to hide while the six year old narrator and her characters spoke the well rehearsed lines, "And Red Riding Hood took some beer and bread to her sick grandma."

"Beer? Did you say beer, girly?" I questioned.

"Oh, I think I meant wine. Does beer or wine make you feel better, Mom?"

I pose this serious question to readers of my blog. What say you?

I don't have a leg to stand on as I am the most lame drinker of all- half a glass of any alcoholic beverage makes the universe wildly spin for me.


John said...

I can't drink beer. Well, under my seminary's ethos statement, I don't drink anything. But I mean that beer tastes disgusting. Wine is, on rare occasions, palatable.

A good cocktail can be nice. My college drink (when I drank in college, which was rare) was an amaretto sour. Cocoa with creme de menthe is also good. My wife likes an occasional margarita.

But for at least two more years, I won't have a drop.

truevyne said...

Good man, John. You are a good man. I had to make that agreement as well when I was in Bible College a million years ago. Really, it was NO problem.