Sunday, August 05, 2007


I’ve just been “tagged” by Almost.

The rules of tagging:

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2. List 8 random facts about yourself.
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8 Random Facts About Me:

1. I do not like donuts. Never will. I am completely fine with all other things sweet and deep fried.
2. I'm an excellent student, but I perform dreadfully on standardized tests. I've come to the conclusion I'm weak in this area due to a serious lack of critical thinking skills.
3. I only cuss when I'm doing my own challenging home improvement projects like painting or hanging wallpaper. I know it's a poor character issue. I don't have too many opportunities to work on it as our house is in fairly good order just now.
4. It's been 13 years, since I've earned an income.
5. People don't believe me when I explain I'm painfully introverted, but I am.
6. I don't have an answering machine and don't do well with figuring out voicemail on my cellphone.
7. I secretly wish the author Barbara Kingsolver reads my blog, because she digs my writing.
8. I had plenty of cellulite long before I gave birth to my children.


~m2~ said...

i also love barbara kingsolver!!

who knew?

truevyne said...

she probably does read your blog. who doesn't? grin

John said...

Cussing properly belongs to automotive maintenance.

truevyne said...

So true, John. That's why I NEVER do automotive maintenance.