Tuesday, August 07, 2007

An Eye Opener

Maybe it's time I stopped dying my hair red and go for the natural greys and white. After all, the three giggling young girls following Tater around at the pool asked him about me, "Is she your grandma?" Grandma? What? You must be kidding me!

The truth is that I am the same age as Tater's birth grandmother. I suppose these 13-year-old whipper snappers, shamelessly begging me for my boy's real name and phone number, have mothers who may have been teens when they were born.

I learned quickly how to deal with pesky hormonal young men as a teenager. However, I haven't been on the side of the coin where boy crazy teens are pursuing my son.

Buck and I hung out with all our children in the diving pool, so I overheard much of the conversation. The girls had no idea we were his parents at first, so they flirted quite openly until he let the cat out of the bag that we were, in fact, his folks. "No way! You don't look anything like those people. Either you are joking, or you are adopted!" one girl exclaimed.
Tater shot me a hilarious smile and said, "Yep, I'm adopted."
"Awww. How sad!" the girl immediately retorted.
Tater rolled his glimmering eyes at me and laughed again, "What exactly is sad about it? These are my parents." They shot him some direct, "Where is your real mother" questions.
"She took off when I was really little, but I'm not sad" he replied.

Years ago, he spent lots of time being sad for her, but no longer. Tater and I made a plan for the distant future when he's old enough to handle whatever we find when we find her.

What of this inexplicable phenomenon of Tater with an uninvited entourage of silly girls trailing behind? I whispered a 50 meter fly swim challenge in his ear, and they tagged along unsolicited. My serious defeat only reinforced my elderly status. All I can say is I'm glad the boy can't lap me, yet.

Any sage wisdom for a crotchety old mother entering uncharted waters of matters of the opposite sex?


almostgotit said...

Your kids are all just too gorgeous, that's the problem. And all of them (*ALL* of them) get that largely from you!!

:) xxoo

truevyne said...

Well, shucks, Almost!

unquenchableworshipper said...

hmmm..while I have to agree, I wonder what that means about me?

Amber said...

no wisdom...only admiration.

You are aging gracefully. I think it is beautiful.

truevyne said...

Amber, thank ye kindly.

Kat said...

Well, I always thought he looked like Buck. :)

I'm dealing with the flip side of this...a leggy, blue-eyed blond 11-year old who's already getting more attention from boys than I'm comfortable with. What to do?

truevyne said...

Dear Kat,
Get thee to a nunnery!

~m2~ said...

what i find incredible, actually, is how he handled himself in the midst of the intense examination by the said 13-year-old young ladies and showed no shame but a great deal of grace in having you as his parents. speaks volumes for his character.

and i vote keep the red, you are a beautiful young lady and if the Lord wanted to have us go grey earlier, He would never have enabled the invention of hair color.

just my humble opium.


truevyne said...

Dear Pen,
I wish you could meet my boy! I know he'd instantly like you.

And I think I'm too vain to stop dying my hair just yet. When do you think is a good age to stop? 70?

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

I love your hair color and I had thought you were my age or at least close to it. That is till you let the cat out of the bag in one post. I agree with amber. You are aging gracefully.
You have no worries about the girls. He has already shown his loyalty lies with you and shows he has strong character. Be proud.

truevyne said...

Thanks Farm Chick!

kddub said...

My boys are a few years away from that, but I am interested to follow your journey in dealing with the flirty issues and dating and all that! (are girls more forward now a days? I don't remember being super flirty, especially at 11, or even 13)

unquenchableworshipper said...

True.. 70 may be too young to stop dying your hair.. unless of course "Jesus Calls and Buck answers".. then you don't wanna be Crazy Aunt True with the bright red hair who takes country line dancing classes at the rec center and lives with her son and his 17 cats..

oh and there will be no dating! just courtship.. for the kids that is.. crazy Aunt True can make her own decisions. =-)