Thursday, April 10, 2008


Kat has asked about chores in Parent's University today. I have three things to say on the subject.

1. A friend of mine, Meredith Lee, taught me this about work and children a long time ago, "Make it look delicious!" Kinda like the Tom Sawyer painting the fence white, or "The Happy Working Song" from Enchanted. If I'm training my child in a new housekeeping skill, I need to present it in a positive "This can be fun and meaningful" kind of way.

If I'm sour or demanding, no one will want to do the job. For example, I hate folding laundry loads of whites/matching socks. No one here likes to,probably because of my attitude toward it.

2. Meredith Lee also taught me to make chores daily, so it becomes a part of a simple routine. No child of mine balks at emptying the dishwasher, caring for the livestock, or putting away laundry here. It happens everyday.

3. Wage war on clutter! I must battle it in my own life and the rest of my family's life. In this American culture, we drag home papers and stuff from every outing. We work together on getting rid of things we don't find essential. On their own last week, Tater (12) put a box of toys in the garage for Goodwill, and Pooh Bear (7) sold her doll house to a consignment shop.

Tonia posted something very moving to me on habits. Check it out if you have time.

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