Thursday, April 17, 2008

I have another (less permanent) goodbye coming up. My dear girlfriend, Mac and her precious family, are moving six hours drive away. Tomorrow and Saturday, I'm helping her sort and pack. Mac is a sentimental soul, and with my help, I hope to make her load to move lighter by helping her let go.

At the baby shower for my first child, Mac said, "True, I mean this when I say it. You can call me any time of the day or night if you need something." I hadn't known her very well until I took her up on her offer. She answered the phone every time I called even though I was sleep deprived and whiney. She listened intently, one of her best qualities, and offered advice and help. She kept Peace for the first date Buck and I ever had after Peace was born. Our children love one another. We have been there for one another in adopting and parenting children. We've choreographed and danced at a conference together. She and I even painted our bedrooms in the exact same icy blue color. We've prayed earnestly in one another's homes. Mac blesses me with every interaction.

So, as we sort antique linens and boxes of creative art supplies, I'll be saying,
"How do you feel about parting with this?" And she'll cautiously answer.

All the while, I'll silently ask myself, "How do I feel about parting with you, dear sister?"

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