Tuesday, April 01, 2008

42 Years of Observation

1. Every day counts, even if it doesn't seem so that day.
2. Every word counts, even if it doesn't seem so at the time.
3. Discipline doesn't achieve everything. Sometimes grace is better.
4. Children require everything.
5. God is good.
5. Husbands need attention.
6. In a relationship, nothing good grows in a long periods of silence.
7. April Fool's birthdays are challenging. One shouldn't have to be on guard the entire day.
8. Anything worthwhile requires hard work.
9. Friends help me breathe.
10. People taught to have a relationship exclusively with the Bible or exclusively in Eucharist cannot find a relationship with Jesus.
11. Children are close to the heart of God and have much to teach us about Him.
12. There will be a great and terrible day of the Lord.
13. Revenge costs the one seeking it the most.
14. Chickens and toddlers make me laugh.
15. Laughing is important.
16. Exercise releases tension even when I think I'm not tense.
17. Listening is the better path.
18. Letting go works out better than clinging to impossibility.
19. Grandparents are a treasure to cherish.
20. Love foolishly, even if it means it will hurt.
21. Music moves me.
22. Good food matters.
23. Learning keeps life interesting.
24. Stories are the quickest way to the heart.
25. Blogging is good for my soul.
26. Bill Cosby, Bin Laden, Bono, Oprah, the Pope, President Bush, are people just like you and me.
27. Growing things nurtures me.
28. Character reveals the inner man.
29. The charitable assumption is the high road.
30. Always better to focus on the Presence of God than his absence.
31. Together, brown and blue speak to me.
32. It's not right to demand of people what only God can give.
33. Quiet is essential for me to become.
34. Kindness brings the giver peace.
35. Anger gets in the way of relationship.
36. Wonder takes me where I want to go.
37. Mercy triumphs over judgment.
38. Abide is one of my favorite words.
39. Time does not wait for me and doesn't heal anything.
40. All I have to give is enough.
41. Art and beauty inspire.
42. Sudokus help me sleep.


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday friend. One more thing we have in common. My birthday is April 8th.

truevyne said...

Amber! Next Tuesday is your big day.
Let us know how it goes.

Scott Lyons said...

Happy birthday!

truevyne said...

Thank ye, Scott. My husband bought me the cowgirl shirt I wanted. And it even smells like the Tractor Supply store.

Anonymous said...

That cowgirl shirt sure beats the garage door opener he got you years ago!
Love ya!

almostgotit said...

Happy birthday to you,
you love brown and blue,
You laugh at your chick- ens...

And they laugh at you!

tonia said...

Beautiful, wise observations.

Happy Birthday!!!

unquenchableworshipper said...
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truevyne said...

Oh dear, Buck has publicly embarrassed me.
Anon, I liked the garage door opener.
Almost, great rhyme. Can you bust a move too?
Tonia, you are too kind.

unquenchableworshipper said...
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