Monday, March 31, 2008

Six Word Memoir

Almost tagged me to write a six word memoir. Tomorrow is my birthday so here's my memoir:

Will I be smarter at 42?

Six people I tag to write their own six word memoir:

Kat at The Secret Life of Kat
Thicket at Todays Lessons
Scott at The Glory of Everything
John at Locusts and Honey
Fancy at The Fancy Pants Factory
Amber at Homeschool Diva

Play along if you like by writing your own and tagging five more bloggers.


Kat said...

Here's a little somthing to amuse you. Happy birthday!
You might need to cut & past the address.
(college Kat)

Kat said...

The address got cut off. Just go to and click on "100 best last lines from novels".

John said...

Will I be smarter at 42?

Do you plan on traveling back in time to find out?


truevyne said...

Love it.

Snicker! Who in their right mind would lie about turning 42?

Anonymous said...

True, how fun:-) Can you get any smarter?