Monday, March 10, 2008


Solemnly talking living will and surrogate care wishes with my mother and her husband last night.

Getting up at 3:30 a.m. for a quick shower and dashing out the door for an all day vigil at the hospital.

Hugging and "I love you's" and comfort for a broken heart yearning for someone not present as the gurney rolls my mother away for six intense hours of brain surgery.

Sitting endlessly in chairs in a sterile unbeautiful waiting room with no windows or plants.

Discussing with one of the top neurosurgeons in the country about the odd and complicated aneurysm now clipped, safe, and secure.

Visiting three precious minutes with my mother, head sewn ear to opposite eye at the hairline, one eye horribly swollen and bloody, IV port in the neck.

Whispering, barely audible "Cold." "Headache." "Headache." "Headache." "Feet." and a final "I love you."

Praying for peace and comfort.

Navigating a new and complicated city alone.

I thought surgery would be the worst of it. Now I quite certain the worst of it will be recovery.


Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with your mother, her husband and you even more during this difficult time. Please take care and let your mother know that she has alot of people thinking of her.

truevyne said...

I will anonymous!

almostgotit said...

Clipped, safe, and secure. Such good words, and the most important ones, selah!

How harrowing a time for you all, though, and how scary to see your own mom looking like that.

But it's done now, and what a good body she has! It bore you, and stretched and broke a little then too, didn't it? Like mom bodies do? But it is our wonderful and God-given default, whenever possible, to HEAL and be RESTORED. Think of all the cute colors her bruises will turn as they reabsorb and heal, before they go away altogether. Think of her having a cute crew cut next, as her hair remembers its "growing" job too, before it goes back pretty much to the way it's always been.

She looks so scary right now, I do know. Even all the puffy, weird looking stuff her face is doing, though, is part of her body healing itself. It's all still just her. There she is. Give her a KISS for me! And then take another for yourself.

Here, catch:((Smack. WHOOOO!))


unquenchableworshipper said...

and don't forget the kisses from Peace,Tater,Wise One and Pooh Bear.. and you can pile on a heapin' helpin of kisses from me to YOU.

Feel free to call me to be your personal GPS in that strange town.

Things are going fine on the home front.. only 4 stitches (so far)
and prayer time for grandma everyday.

Got to get started on the day!


Kat said...

So relieved!

For The Shephard said...

Finally got the your blog address right. Hoped you would have posted and glad you have. Our prayers have been with your mom and you and all related. Glad all is well so far.

All went well sunday night. We did miss you as did the 14 young ones with us.

You know you all will be in our heart and prayers.


truevyne said...

For the Shepherd...14! You guys rock.