Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Buck tilled my garden over the weekend, and now chickens wander, scratch, and dust bathe all through it. Nothing planted yet though I should have sown at least few sugar snap peas and spinach. I'll make the hour trip to Stanley's Green house in a few weeks instead of sprouting from seeds. Except beans, watermelons, and flowers. Anyone can grow vines and flowers from seeds. When it gets warm again (yesterday it spit snow), I'll form the garden paths with my clay tiles and stones. I always say gardening is much more about art, so straight rows just won't do.
Won't be long till we start seeing baby chicks following momma hens again. Or hear them peeping from the hayloft. No matter how many times I've seen a baby chick, I'm still astonished by the cute factor of walking yellow fuzz balls.
When danger of frost is gone, it's time for the academics of home school to come to a close. We start in July and end in late April or early May. Tater is behind everyone else, because his trip last summer got him started late. I relish the free time away from the school books. In between swim team, I'll do the projects I put off during the school year. Here are some of my summer projects besides gardening:
1. Adopt a minimalist vision for my garage. Again.
2. Wrestle my unruly walk in closet. Again.
3. Help each child declutter their rooms. Again.
4. Take two of my children to vision therapy every two weeks an hour and a half away.
5. Work on a workbook regarding adoption issues with a friend for my son. We're developing a beautiful plan in the making to further draw him into our family. He keeps his precious heart at a tentative distance at present without even knowing it.
6. I'd like to find botanical and bird wallpaper for my kitchen and redo the counter tops, but wallpaper is altogether out of fashion. And how could anyone match the picture in my mind's eye? I can't decide on counter tops, mostly because of the expense.
7. All three boys will attend scout camp, and I asked Helen to consider keeping Pooh Bear so Buck and I could have some time.
8. Peace goes to New York this summer.
9. New flooring for the home school room would be gravy, but probably unachievable.
10. Visit Dollywood several times with our season's passes we got for Christmas.
11. Catch up with friends and family we don't see much during the school year.
12. Consider service projects.

After five year here on our pretend farm, I'm hitting my rhythm. Steady, not frenetic. That wouldn't do, and my relationships couldn't withstand it.

Must not get to wrapped up in the future when it's time to seize the moment of homeschool now. Off to hit the books. And laundry.


Anonymous said...

I hear that wallpaper is now "back in" but then what do you do when it is back out again? Ugh stripping wallpaper is a nightmare. I know this from previous reno's on fixer homes!

unquenchableworshipper said...

Don't even get me started on True and wallpapering...