Thursday, March 06, 2008

Healthy Eating Families

Parent's University at Kat's focuses on healthy eating today. My children are healthy eaters for the most part. I made moosauka for dinner last night and every child ate some, eggplant and all. They enjoy most all food, including spinach, broccoli, and salad.

I educated myself when my sons were little about the goodness of whole foods. I joined an organic food cooperative until grocery stores caught on to the healthier trends.

Beginning at the age of 38, I've learned to grind wheat to make fresh bread, keep amusing dairy goats for milk, garden for beautiful veggies, and tend hilarious chickens for fresh free range eggs all in the past four years. Before age 38, I had an arrogant city girl disregard, yes apathy, for the source of my food. I gained more respect and admiration for My Creator and His creation, and for the fine folks who contribute to our grocery stores once I began to participate in a more self-sustainable life.


Lisa H said...

Great advice! My family is moving this summer and my husband already agreed to let me have chickens (for eggs) at the new place. And he wants goats too, but I'm not sure about milking them.....we'll see! I do love fresh from my own garden vegetables too...mmmm!

I've read your parents university posts before, and I enjoy what you have to say. I don't tend to comment because for some reason your site freezes up my computer. I haven't figured that out yet as I'm not so 'techie.'

truevyne said...

Dear Lisa h,
I don't understand techie things either, but another blogger friend said the same thing about my site freezing up. Arggggh. I've enjoyed your posts too, and I don't always comment either.

The Secret Life of Kat said...

How fun! I'd love to live in a place where we could have animals and fresh food like that.

....I think.

I do plan to start my first garden this year. Thanks for the inspiration TrueVyne.

truevyne said...

You bet, Kat. I love your topics for Parent's U.