Friday, March 14, 2008

Muddled Days

Days and nights have blurred together for me. Once they put my mother in a hospital room, I was able to spend every moment with her for the last three days. No wifi allowed in the rooms, so no updates till now. Her short term memory has returned in part, but I see it coming and going...probably has something to do with pain killers and a misfiring brain.

Anyhow, she got strong enough to walk with help, so she was able to go home today to recover for a full month. Her husband will have his work cut out for him. God bless him.

I hated to leave my mom looking so frail, but I flew home today to the arms of the my delightful family. And not a moment too soon for Pooh Bear. She cried on the phone last night begging for me to hurry home.

I'll welcome sleep in my own bed tonight, but Mom's husband told me she refused to eat all day. I call and begged her over the phone to try. She also started having auras (seeing patterns which were not really present) last night- pre-seizure brain activity.

If you're the praying kind, keep 'em coming.


Kristin said...

I'll pray for her, I'm sorry to hear about this.

I hope you can get some rest at home.

hiddenart said...

I've been praying and will continue. Thanks for sharing this painful piece of your life.

truevyne said...

Dear Amanda and Kristin,
All I can say it a heartfelt, "Thank you." Prayers mean so much to me.