Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Buck's sweet Uncle Martin passed away quite unexpectedly in his sleep Sunday morning, so our fam could use your prayers. I believe I'm going to stay home with all the kids and take care of biz while Buck makes the long drive alone to Pennsylvania for the funeral. Peace and Tater have finals next week. Pooh Bear has a dance recital, and Wise One doesn't want to miss his last sixth grade youth group night. Also, I couldn't imagine any person willing to apply meds to our one-eyed cat whose blind eye is oozing and also to the goatie with scours.

It's a hard decision to make for me not to go. Maybe I'll celebrate Uncle Martin's life here in some small way. He was a fun loving man with a beautiful family who will miss him terribly.

And Pooh Bear wants to invite anyone to her performance Friday night beginning promptly at 6 pm at our church. It's a free event and will be splendid.


Heather Low said...

I found your blog...sorry to hear about B's uncle passing away. Will pray for you as you manage the ranch single-momedly this week.

Anonymous said...

We won't be able to make the trip to PA either. And I'm just heartbroken about it. I so wanted to be there for Aunt Mary, Dad & Uncle Betty - and the kids.
It just doesn't seem real.
Love you
Auntie S

truevyne said...

Hey, Heather. Thanks for the prayers. Get all the Charlotte Mason needed while you were here in the U.S.? Has Eli talked again 'bout the farm?

Auntie S, so sorry you can't go either. See you in a few weeks though. Looking forward to our visit.