Sunday, May 17, 2009

I've been thinking about the word frenemy.

Someone asked to be my friend on Facebook whom I remember quite distinctly taking every opportunity in real life many many years ago to undo me. He was the kind of guy who tried everyday to trick me out of my twinkie at snack time and laughed out loud at me when I fell for it. Yep, I was Gullible with a capital "G", and he was an opportunist.

So, now I'm puzzled. Last time I saw him, and yes, there was no missing the spectacle of him in that crowd, he did not speak to me. I didn't seek him out either, because, ya know, I don't go lookin' for trouble. I'm still at grave risk of falling prey to malicious schemes due to my foundational belief that everyone can become the better person. Which is why I naively said, "Yes" to his friend request. Am I a fool? I'll take my chances. I've been picked on before and still have a large capacity for forgiveness. One of my old buddies has an ax to grind with me and has been known to scrupulously wield it my way on Facebook.

Bring. It. On.

Kindness always wins. Revenge is for sissies.


almostgotit said...

So long as you are also kind to YOURSELF. Don't forget that. I've had two big lessons this past week on that point... being "nice" to people who are trying to take advantage of you (or even to hurt you) really isn't kind to anyone.

But I also believe in second chances. You can always turn all that person's notifications off if you need.. I have a FB friend (old BF!!) whom I've handled that way.

Also, I learned one can just IGNORE friend requests... no need to say "no" and offend that way!!

XXOO you sweet, kind person. No one should *EVERY* be mean to you!!

truevyne said...

No one takes advantage of me cause I don't really put myself in that position. And, yep, I've ignored requests, because I simply don't know the people asking.