Sunday, May 24, 2009

While I was home moping, because someone needed to stay home after Tater did have a nuclear reactor core meltdown to an everyday situation, the rest of my family went to Helen and Clay's part of the world for The Wine and Swine Event. You know what I'm talking about, the winery in Jamestown which has a wine tasting and hog roast to boot? Tennesseans sure know how to throw a party, don't they? Well, Buck shared with me a little story from the day. Some young girls approached Buck announcing, "Our dad wants to talk to you, because your boys waz makin' fun of us."
Buck says, "Tell your dad he is welcome to talk to me." The girls ran down and spoke to a man Buck described as looking both drunk and mean. They returned, hands on hips, "My dad wants You to come to HIM!"
I'm thinking I might have screamed like and Apache for our kids to make a mad dash for the van, but Buck, instead, rolled his eyes and walked down toward the angry man with my children in tow!
"What seems to be the problem?" Buck calmly asked.
"Your boys was hollerin' and making fun of my girls," he spat.
Buck allowed our boys to answer, "Since your girls were throwing ROCKS at us, we decided to laugh at them for missing us."
Buck noticed the man was not moved, and in fact, was looking for a way to start a man fight,so Buck quickly got the boys to apologize. Then the little girls came clean without their daddy's prompting for hurling stones.
Buck took the opportunity to skeedaddle out there fast before he had need of his excellent ninja skills.

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