Saturday, December 17, 2005

2005 Top 20

The top things I've enjoyed over this year. I'm sure I'll miss a few I just can't think of just now, but here goes:
1. My few and far between dates with Buck. Remember Buck, you owe me a "do over" from the last one.
2. Welcoming Baby Saul to our extended family through adoption.
3. Riding Thunderhead roller coaster with my boys at Dollywood.
4. Watching Pooh Bear dance when she thinks noone is watching.
5. Sliding down from the Great Wall of China with Peace.
6. My first whale watching experience and finding the perfect red clogs in Solvang.
7. Finding a work-out buddy after years of going solo.
8. Making Christmas cottages at Meredith Lee's.
9. Crab Fest!
10. Hanging out with Tami and fam at the pool.
11. Cheering as Wise One conquered the pool.
12. Watching the sweat fall from David Crowder's brow onto his guitar with Tator and Buck.
13. "Remember, sisters, tears are the water of life."
14. The choreography process and dancing with Carol at a conference.
15. Introducing my meditation work to catechist friends.
16. Creating on a blog.
17. Grandpa M sharing his music and soul with me in his car one afternoon.
18. Compliments from my mother on my writing.
19. Making jewelry with Miriam and dear friends.
20. Families worshipping together in the cool of the evening in our yard.


~m2~ said...

you saw david crowder sweat?

i am so jealous. seriously.



Running2Ks said...

This is a wonderful post--you have done SO MUCH! And you meditate--how wonderful. And a new family member. And dates. WOW!