Thursday, December 29, 2005

Five Weirds

I've never been tagged before, and I'm not sure I would have been if Martha, Martha had known I was usually picked last for practically everything in grade school. So here's the meme (I don't even know what that stands for by the way).

Five Weird Habits I have:

1. I am somewhat compulsive about washing dirty dishes in the sink, and this extends beyond my own home.

2. I read several books at one time. Right now I'm reading Blue Shoe, Mrs. Kimble, Peace Child, and Watchman Nee's Assembly Life. And I'll add Kite Runner as soon as I find it again (thanks, Clay).

3. I never took pictures until I got a digital camera on my birthday last April. My birthday really is April Fool's Day.

4. I still pick out my clothes the night before, and if I haven't, the next day I become deeply depressed about not knowing what to wear.

5. I hate to repeat myself, so why, oh why do I have four children?

Now for the hard part, since I've never successfully added links to a post yet. I need to tag five folks who are most welcome to decline my invitation to post their own five weird habits.


~m2~ said...

these are wonderful!!!!

thank you for playing, truly!

am i excited enough? it's the *kickball* thing, isn't it?

Running2Ks said...

You are hilarious. I love that repeating yourself thing. And the dishes--I could see doing it.

Wow, how did you ever convince anyone it was ACTUALLY your birthday?!?

(I'll link to you on my post as soon as blogsome stops locking up on me!)

truevyne said...

Dear M2,
Kickball. Sob. I'm okay NOW.

Dear Running,
thanks for participating. Still no one believes me on my bday AND that I'm 39... just till april though.

unquenchableworshipper said...

Oh I'd know how to tag..
I can't even get a counter or pictures on MY blog..but I might
add this topic..though I can only think of a couple...any help there True?

opinionated said...

I don't know if you are going to read this, but I wanted to answer your request for me to post five of my wierds:
1. I find comfort in having my finger in my nose -- I do it most often when I'm bored.
2. I love watching Enterprise (the latest addition to Star Trek) -- my wife thinks that's wierd.
3. I recheck everything I do over and over agian.
4. I used to daydream about being a hero.
5. I sometimes check out my poop to see what I've eaten!!
Now if that isn't wierd, I don't know what is!!

Barefoot Guy said...

I love Watchman Nee!
His stuff has impacted me in such a deep way, I don't think I even understand it. I have read most of his books and have been so encouraged by his personal walk with Jesus. He was something special.

I am a musician and WN has inspired many of my songs. I would be honored if you would check out my music on my site. All my music is free for download. Anyway, I just thought that I'd share.

"All my music is free for download."