Monday, December 26, 2005

The Wish

Pooh Bear experienced a dream come true this afternoon. Grandma took her for a birthday treat to Libby Lu, a sparkly glamour boutique tailored to the inner princess of any young lass. Grandma proudly looked on as my girl had a serious updo on her hair, makeup, and nails done in glitter aplenty. The shopgirl even appliqued stars to her little cherub face.
Grandma and I paraded our beauty around the mall afterwards, and Pooh Bear modestly proclaimed, "People just can't keep their eyes off me for I'm so beautiful."
We stopped at the fountains midway through the bustling shopping palace, and Grandma gave Pooh Bear a dime to make a secret wish. I overheard Pooh Bear mumble something like, "reindeer" which made me curious.
Me: "It's okay if you want to tell me your wish. I'll keep it secret."
Pooh: "I wished for a reindeer."
Me: "Like the big decorated one in the fountain?"
Pooh: "No, silly. A real reindeer. She could live with our goats."
I wondered if Pooh thought the reindeer could take her flying through the crisp winter sky...

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