Thursday, December 15, 2005

Much ado about nothing

Right now I feel like crawling under a rock. It's raining and cold outside, and somehow that always makes me bone tired. I'm worn out from laundry, checking math and language arts, fussing when my boys won't get along, wiping the kitchen counters and sweeping the floor for the one-zillionth time. Add Christmas and birthday preparations on top of daily life and I'm wiped. Three of my children have birthdays in the next few weeks, and they'd feel slighted if we didn't throw a bash. So, Saturday we've invited one thousand of our closest friends to join us for an indoor swim and icecream sundaes at a community pool.
Another issue wearing me out are the dark vandals of the night who keep smashing our mailbox in and off the post. I've become friendly with the local "law" over the issue, but when it comes down to it, the "law" can't do much about sneaky young boys with baseball bats and a taste for destruction of federal property. The deliquents have finally successfully and officially done in the second mailbox, and Buck is putting up the tester "indestructable" mailbox. I'll let you know how that goes. One never knows where criminal minds will go next...
Speaking of mail, at 4:45 yesterday, I and a helpful son lugged eight packages of mostly home made gifts to the post office only to find the one down the road from us closed at 4:30. As much as I love those kind men who go out of their way for me at the Loudon Post Office, why can't they stay open till 5:00 like the rest of the business day universe? My son and I buzzed over to Lenoir City post office ignoring posted speed limits by 4:58 just before they closed at 5:00. The women behind the counter could not have been much more cheery or pleasant having to wait for the franticly task oriented woman I'd become to fill out handfulls of mailing labels. I made sure to compliment the gracious postal workers on their thoughfulness and patience with me.
Looking over the mundane reasons I find myself tired, I realize I am incredibly lucky. I've been through much more torment than birthdays, Christmas, and mail issues. I think of those in the midst of sickness, family turmoil, death and am grateful to be worn out from simple little things this Thankful Thursday.


unquenchableworshipper said...

I got the special Titanic/Hindenburg Mailbox. They will NEVER destroy THIS one!

see-through faith said...

"we've invited one thousand of our closest friends" hoping there's some poetic license here, or I've tapped into your dream/nightmere!

be blessed
We have birthdays in December (hubby's and MIL, mine was Nov 29th ) kids were born in the spring, praise the Lord!

Running2Ks said...

Aw, no wonder you are worn out! That is just too much. You need a clone--and a nap.

truevyne said...

Oh, a clone! What an excellent idea. Then the real me could sit around doing Sudokus, watching Nip/Tuck and drinking milkshakes, while the other me cooked, cleaned, worked out, homeschooled, and did laundry. You are simply a genius, Running 2K's.

And see-through, yes, I exaggerated on the thousand friends...but not on the zillion times of wiping counters and sweeping floors.

unquenchableworshipper said...

hey.. can the clone babysit while I take you to the Bahamas?