Friday, December 23, 2005

What should I do today?

Hmmmm. Let's see. Today I need to mealplan, Buck will shop, and I'll begin Christmas dinner preparation. Buck has to work Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning (how awful is that?), so we cannot visit our relatives out of town. But just yesterday Buck's dad, my mom, her husband and his brother said they may come to US on Christmas Day. Hooray! Seeing both sets of grandparents on Christmas Day will be such a blessing and hasn't happened for as many years as I can remember.
More plans for the day. The children and I made a play date this afternoon with Tami's fam for a few hours. I really need to drop by the chiropractor for a quick adjustment. I'll need to get in the children's closets to survey prospects for Christmas Eve service clothes. Pooh Bears room needs a little work; a microburst or tornado swept through there the other day tossing dolls, Barbies, dress up clothes, real clothes, and Polly Pockets to oblivion. Yesterday, I simply closed the door and walked away quickly whenever I caught a glimpse of the destruction, but I want to relax on Christmas Eve so we'll have to plow through the chaos today. '
Also, I made a deadline for myself to finish some writing before January 1 that is calling my name. I started this particular article months ago, and got sick of it in the editing process. When I picked it back up to write again last month, my computer totally crashed from the Trojan Downloading virus which searches online to download whatever nasty bugs it can find. Buck,courageous hero, somehow managed to save the file, but I have not returned since to work on the article.
Lots to do. What else needs my attention?


~m2~ said...

i have to tell you - i have the same *laundry stands* and really? they are just as filled!!

we are sisters!!!

truevyne said...

My m2 sister,