Monday, April 10, 2006

Cat Resurrection Update

Whiskers the cat, the star in the Resurrection post below, is now completely healed and home purring on Helen's lap today. Turns out he was paralyzed and convulsing as a result of too much flea and tick medicine, and truly was at death's door if he hadn't have been found.

Whiskers never used to sit on Helen's lap before his brush with the grim reaper, but he is eternally grateful for her heroic rescue and subsequent trip to the vet. The vet did a cat cleanse which saved his life and a tender little girl's heart from despair to boot.


unquenchableworshipper said...

I guess they did a CAT scan as well?

Kate said...

hahaha (at the above comment!) ;)
such a sweet ending - nice to read moments like these!