Monday, April 24, 2006

Uncle Silas, Jr. Remembered

Seventy-six years plodding on this muddy clay earth

Towering man

Big feet, big hands
My little girl hands lost in your venus flytrap double handshake

Most like my grandpa than all my other uncles
A true junior

White military hair

Soft scratchy voice,
Bellowing thunderous laughter

Black glasses across your black shining eyes

Father of tall thin twin girls, long brown hair and dark skin

Husband of Eleanor, a most southern woman

Sunday Suit wearing Baptist
I picture your Bible as well worn

Least known to me of all my father’s ten siblings

I’ve never visited your home though in my mind’s eye I see it as a tidy, welcoming,
Pleasant place

I know absolutely none of your food preferences
But believe you'd not be picky given your humble beginnings on the Cohutta farm

Warm Smile

Oldest uncle
May you find rest, peace, love, joy in the everlasting arms of Jesus on this day you are buried

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