Monday, April 24, 2006


Know how children say adorable things you know they'll outgrow and you will miss when they grow up?

When he was three, Tator used to say yesternight, as in "Yesternight we went to Grandma's house", but he won't anymore. I miss that sweet phrase. When I found yesternight in Shakespeare years later I remembered my boy as an adorable toddler.

Here's what Pooh Bear has been saying and what we've been reading every night for the last three weeks:

"Momma, it's time for my bednight story."

When she outgrows bednight and bednight stories, she won't be such a little girl anymore. Childhood is so fleeting!


Kate said...

Awww such cute words! I love how children come up with their own unique words!

truevyne said...

I bet your kids come up with some good ones too!