Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lessons in Friendship

I do not mean this as an arrogant tribute to myself, but hope to create a work which I may look over and treasure. It would hurt my heart if anyone thought I was seeking anything more. In a way, I want to honor those who have loved me so well by saying, “Yes” and “Thank you” for your unbelievable words to me. Perhaps if I write your words down, they will sink deeper into my soul and make me into the best me.

I’m piecing together words. Words about me. To me. Poetry. Kind words. Funny. Deeply penetrating. Inspirational. Words of life. Words that utterly stun and confound me. Miraculous.
All captured in a in a scrapbook presented to me at my fortieth birthday by Helen.

I so much treasured having you for a friend.

I value your wisdom and perspective.

Wild dancing woman who won’t stop praying singing laughing inspiring loving questioning giving seeking until we dance together in parousia.

From Buck who planned this incredible day:
On this, the first of April 1, 2006, as I look around at the myriad of amazing friend you’ve accumulated in the first forty years of your life, I can not help but be honored and humbled that you call me your best friend.

You are probably one of the most Christ-like people I’ve met in my life.

We knew she was a risk taker, by her beliefs she firmly stood. Once we came to visit she was living in the ‘hood.

My thoughts take me to the times you spoke into my life and gave words of encouragement that God knew I needed.

We are very different from each other and sometimes I wonder how we were the best of friends- but I think our differences brought us together…you had a life of freedom and I had a life of boundaries.

The light that shines from you onto others and us is a blessing and touches everybody where it counts.

Thanks for having both TRUTH and GRACE.

You have taught me about being passionate.

You are a genuine, sincere, strong, gifted and loving person.

As the music played. Words were sung. His banner over me. Context discussed. Message whispered . Smile spread. His banner over me.

How liberating to have a friend so dear and true. What can I say but I cherish every day we have been friends.

What are my favorite qualities of yours?
Your instinctive and unmitigated honesty….Your all encompassing maternal instincts….Your salt of the earth reliability…Your patience with eccentric behavior and inborn compassion for all who entered this world with bizarre and vexing familial relations.

God bless you and keep you on this special day of celebrating your birth and all the days until all will be one in God at Parousia.

A loving parent and wife, an educator, a writer, a dancer, an environmentalist, a children’s advocate, , a feminist, a goat midwife, and of course a friend.

When we were teenagers, to keep whomever she was with on track (honest) and in stitches with her ingenious, really, I-want-to-know-what-that-means pollyannaish ness. But a “polly-anna” in a good way -- a very ingenious, and genuine way. She was oddly mature (and direct and honest) for her years at that point, it was always fun to be around her, and she laughed harder and louder and less self consciously than any other teenager I remember knowing, including myself.

Thinking of her brings to mind someone who could effectively bring a group of teenagers who took themselves much too seriously back to reality with a goofy laugh or a wry comment.

She was and still is I suspect a free spirit…. Fortunately for all of us- she drove earlier than the rest of us. Unfortunately for us, she didn’t believe that it was necessary to look merging into traffic on I-75. I’ll never forget her direct quote “they will get out of my way.” She forgot to add -“if they know what’s good for them“.

You have taught me so very much, not only about catechesis, about children and the way they learn, but you have shown me how to rest, to be quiet, to wait on the Lord.
I see in you a woman who follows hard after God.

If you want the rainbows you have to put up with the rain.

A mom is a person who cares for you, someone who really loves you. Than you for being with me for ten years. I hope you have a great Birthday mom!

To mom: I like you your kind good lovely loving. Look at 40 mom.

What a remarkable thing to be “life” friends, what a blessing from our God.

Happy 4teaith birthday, mom.

This handmade jewelry was made especially for you to celebrate your fortieth birthday. The individual beads are not perfectly round but are flattened, bent and generally imperfectly shaped. Yet strung together, their irregularities fade and the beauty of their unity is seen.

You are one of those friends who challenges me to examine and question my assumption, things I take for granted. The ease with which you can worship and connect with God at once intrigues and annoys me.

As iron sharpens iron, you encourage friends to go deeper, see more clearly, and follow after God.


And to all of you I say, “Behold what manner of love the Father has given unto us!“
I am undone.


unquenchableworshipper said...

You, my dear, are all of this..and a bag of M&M's.
I was going to put "happily everafter" in my letter, but I couldn't decide if it was 2 words
or 3. But, thats what I think when I look at you.

coneymama said...

Sounds like you had a great party. Sorry we missed it. You are lucky to have such an organizer-man.