Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Worn Out

Buck tilled True Vyne Gardens for me while the children and I moved pathway rocks around last week. Buck and the children mulched with mushroom compost while I was away last Friday. Today I planted one zillion tomatoes and peppers which I bought from my favorite nursery in Knoxville. Peace planted a gazillion Impatiens in the shade of the goat shed section. While we worked, I explained to him as a girl his age, I did not appreciate the garden my wicked step father made me weed. Of course, my step father wasn't really wicked, he's a good man who happened to ask me as a teenager to help around the house and yard sometimes. Peace replied to my story, "Mom, I think gardens and planting are fun. It's way cool to grow your own food. I wonder why you didn't get that until now?" I wonder too, son.

I also started some Petunias, lettuce, Nastursiums, Marigolds, and Basil sprouts in a mini greenhouse. My garden buddy, Shepherdess, gave me sprouted yellow mint, parsley, leeks, an Early Girl and Beefy Boy tomatoes, a marigold, cosmos, a begonia, and another shade flower with a name I can't remember. All of which I planted today.

Pooh Bear took on the role of sowing queen. She helped me dig little holes, stuff in seeds, and cover them up- zucchini, sweet corn, cantaloupe, watermelon, sunflower seeds, marigolds, onions.

Wise One watered the seeds for us.

Tator cooked dinner of burgers and broccoli.

It's a family affair.


thicket dweller said...

Ooooh! Sounds like we're living parallel lives, but you're a bit ahead of me. :-) I won't be doing sweet corn, though. Not ready for that yet. Keep up the good work!

truevyne said...

Dear Thicket,
I always think the same "parallel lives thoughts" when I read your blog. TN weather gets warmer before OH so you right on track.