Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter Preparations

During Lenten season, I try to observe ways to prepare for the celebration of Easter in some meaningful way. This year, though I don't know how or why, I was asked by the choreographer, Kelly, whom I'd never set eyes upon before, to help with an Easter processional at my own church. I knew if I became involved in the project, it could be a chunk of time away from my family, but could become just the path to set my heart on a jubilant Resurrection. And to my joy, I've become the Girl Friday for Kelly. Meeting with Kelly, learning choreography, sending emails, labeling costumes, finding and collecting banners and dancers.

The shabang required a boat load participants, so I got on the phone, "I know we've never met before, but a friend of a friend of a friend mentioned you might be interested billowing banners for our Easter processional. I know you've never done it before, but we'll teach you everything you need to know. Sign up with the church office if you are interested." I (and others who dragged their friends along for moral support) rounded up 13 blessed women. Only two of them have ever stood in front of the congregation before in something like this. So it's a gigantic stretch for them to step out, risk, and give this their all for something completely new. I admire their courage!

Thing have fallen into place naturally. While Kelly has worked with the eight long flowing banners on when to wave, ripple, wind in and out, carousel, billow slowly, I've had the privilege of "cracking the whip" with four great ladies who've agreed to dance in formation with moving silky fabric squares in the middle down front and also on stage. They have the hearts of little children, free spirits, playing tag with one another, giggling, laughing at themselves, whirling around. This last practice, they moved from planned mechanical movement into the freedom of the dance.

Words fail to describe the deep emotion inside me of watching the development of this work. Our church now has thirteen bravehearts willing to boldly dance with abandonment for God. Make no mistake. It's all about Him and His day.

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unquenchableworshipper said...

I, for one, am greatly looking forward to seeing it in person.
If they don't get me out of children's church in a timely manner, just do it over again when I get there..