Monday, January 15, 2007

January Pet Peeve

Let's say I faithfully go to the gym for nearly 4 years now. I know who comes on a regular basis and who does not. It's all good.

Then the calendar page flips to January.

People start flocking to the gym, and suddenly the machines are all very occupied with unfamiliar faces I am unlikely to ask, "Can I work in a set?"

I know it's impatient and selfish, but I really don't like waiting on my favorite treadmill.

And if I even want to go near the free weights, I have to try and ignore the GUN SHOW. Tonight there must have been 10 men gathered and cheering around Edwardo as he chest pressed hundreds of pounds. Please.

Good thing I have an ipod to crank to block out all that testosterone.


truth said...

LOL, I so know what you mean. I've experienced the same thing. I try to be helpful with those who are clueless about the machines, but what I really want to do is just get my workout finished.

unquenchableworshipper said...

Plus..True, you've got your own personal GUN SHOW at home.. 9,998.. 9,999.. 10,000..phew..woo hoo ! yeah!.. HIGH FIVE?!!