Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pooh Bear and Tator woke up sick this morning which cut my teaching load exactly in half and increased my mothering load by double. I am spoiled in that I cannot remember any of my children being sick one single day this entire school year, and I began school in July. I thanked God straight away for our general good health and that we have nothing pressing to do today or any other for that matter as a result of the Revolution. Buck sleeps after crazy work shifts, the children and I study hard, and by evening we all peter out just after dinner.

I admit an angst about the one day's delay of school's end, but I grateful for the time created to clean out the fridge, grind wheat, catch up on laundry, and bake a little.

An outline for a book came to me Sunday, but I am certainly not convinced I have the time and space to write it anytime soon. It's just nice to feel inspired.

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