Thursday, January 11, 2007

YES! This year I'm finally using an academic curriculum homeschool for two of my four children which suits the needs of my family and myself without the tyranny of willy nilly ecclectic approach I've used in all the years in the past. However, Peace is in a one day a week co-op this year, and today he's asking to come on back home again next year. Hooray! No more horrid Monday mornings leaving the house at 7 a.m. with four fed and groomed children, lunch and drinks, and all homeschool materials necessary to complete while brother finishes his classes. We'll only need to find fine arts outside our home for next year. Hip! Hip! Hooray!
I suppose it's God's mercy to allow us a year of rest before the enormous challenges of high school begins.


Thicket Dweller said...

This sounds very, very appealing. I've been being "called home" this year, and it's a struggle to decide what to do. I know what will bring peace for me, for our family, but that won't necessarily bring immediate peace for certain members of the family who would be devastated to have to give up the activities they love.

What curriculum are you using?

truevyne said...

Dear Thicket,
I totally understand the not so immediate peace. I think it's human nature to feel deprived if privileges aren't automatically renewed. I know it has been downright painful to consider all I must let go to face the new challenges I see ahead. Reminds of the parable of the Pearl- he sells all he has. Anyhow, I suppose children have that human reaction too to all the letting go.
Blessings as you are "called home". I am more than convinced this is cutting edge of the Kingdom of God these maddening days of "having and doing it all".
We are going to use Teaching Textbooks for Math. Literally teaches higher math problem by problem by computer. It relieves me of relearning and teaching something I've never enjoyed. Using Bill Bennett's K12 for language arts, history, science. Very comprehensive- good and great literature, critical thinking skills, fab composition guides, vocab building, good grammar without stealing joy of learning.
I combine science and history at a mid range of learning for all to make it more affordable.
TN doesn't have any such good thing, but there are some states which agree to pay for the program.