Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What have I been up to lately? Christmas Eve through the week after, we hosted three sets of guests- Grandmas, Grandpas, aunts, and cousins. I am so grateful to have these splendid folks sharing their lives with us.

The following week, Buck and I spent intensive one on one child time at home every day as part of our parenting revolution. Of all the research we’ve done, this tool of focused positive attention transforms relationships more than any we’ve tried. And we’ve found that the majority of parenting books and advice contain the wrong focus- behavior instead of relationship. Thank God for Ross Campbell and his Relational Parenting book. It’s been a gift to our family.

This week, we’re getting home school back on track after the long holiday break. I was completely exhausted after the first two days over the books. However, once we finish academics, the children are still longing for all that fun time with me. I see I’m going to have to find a fine balance. Perhaps, I can take an hour to recoup after school before launching into one on one time. Not easy to do as Pooh Bear follows me around with her fairy coloring book and fairy song CD in hand waiting for me to say, “It’s time for just you and me.” I’ve finished Pilgrim’s Progress with Wise One last night. I’m reading The Education of Little Tree with Tator. Peace and I are etching out an art project. I do enjoy the company of my own children. I think I was too busy the revolution with my own projects to see that.

From now until the end of school, I must stay on this narrow path, so I’ve been canceling all of my own personal activities except limited gym time. Some of the hardest things to cancel have been retreats, even some where I was to present Still Waters contemplative materials. This also requires giving up dance with church for this season. There will be time enough for those things I’ve laid down once heart strings of this family are tightly woven again.

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