Saturday, January 27, 2007

Something I intend to remember

Today dear ones brought lunch and their families to lend their hearts to our family revolution. They had vision to see we could use some good old fashioned lovin', and it was a beautiful thing. These folks listened to Buck and I share our mistakes and the steps of revelation toward the higher goals of relationship with our children which ultimately we hope to lead us to a more authentic faith and deep friendship with our children as adults. We were both encouraged to look forward rather than backward and count our mistakes as lessons learned. What a burden lifted! These dear people prayed over us. One recounted the Pearl of Great Price we'd found in laying aside all other things in exchange for the best- a family as closely knit as winter wool sweater. Another compared us to the image of a strong fort in Florida which took twenty years to build- when impacted by cannonballs, the porous rock compacted and simply became stronger. One prayed for a love so strong between Buck and I that our children would stand staring just hoping for something so wonderful for themselves one day. Now isn't that the way to go? Claire shared a picture of a giant footprint in the sand with bunches of little footprints everywhere around, "Who left this enormous indention? People stand around it gaping and utterly puzzled looking down into the depression of gargantuan toes and a heel. It represents the positive impact of your family in this world from the choices you are making now." One gentleman had the audacity to say that he was encouraged by all our self examination and would do more of the same on behalf of his clan. What have the Vyne's done to deserve any of these fine individuals to come to our home and our messy lives?

Behold what manner of love the Father has given unto us.

I've drawn the outline of a marvelous giant foot in washable purple marker on my bathroom mirror inspiring me to press on toward the goal set before me.

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