Monday, March 02, 2009

During the service yesterday our pastor decided to talk about morals in terms of guidelines for us. One of his illustrations included the altitude rules of flight. He stated, "Eastbound planes fly at even altitudes." At this my husband started waving his hands and circling his arms and saying out loud in church, "No. Backwards, Brad." Brad turned to Buck mid-sermon to have a little personal chat with my man, "Oh, am I saying it backwards, Buck? Is it the other way around?" Buck nodded. Brad then faced the congregation, which by the way is hundreds of people, and said, "That what I get when one of the members of my church is an air traffic controller. Eastbound planes fly at odd altitudes. Westbound planes fly at even altitudes." I sunk in my seat and covered my terribly red face with my beautiful new lime green shawl knitted by my friend Piper, just for me. I was doubly grateful for the covering of that new garment at that moment.


Anonymous said...

I saw that sermon in the Merge and knew it had to be Buck. Blessings

unquenchableworshipper said...

it wasnt that loud..and.. nevermind

I'll just stay on the down low from now on.